Death Race 2013 :: Suffering for Suffering By: AFC Daniel Dodson

On June 21, 2013 I will travel to Pittsfield Vermont, to stay with friends, racers and family at the beautiful AMEE Farm for one week. While there, I will not be vacationing, I will be competing in The Spartan Death Race. I will be racing with some of the finest athletes, from all over this great planet, This is the ultimate race of endurance. It is a race without an official start time, there is not an official finish line and the distance between is unknown. The duration of the race can exceed sixty hours, tasks can range from doing five hundred burpees, splitting wood for endless hours, and carrying a thirty-five to one hundred pound ruck pack up a mountain time and time again. There will be no rest, food is available only when you can get it, I will be unable to sleep during this time, I will be in and out of water endless times. I will be cold, wet, tired and hungry. Half of the participants will drop in the first day from injury, fatigue and exhaustion.

Voluntarily and driven to finish, I will face numerous physical challenges and mental anguish; all of which pales in comparison to that of a child living in an abusive household. Please support me as I give all I have to bring awareness to those who can’t speak or advocate for themselves.

90 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to help children in need.
5 children die daily of child abuse or neglect.
80% of children that die of child abuse are under the age of four.

When asked for donation’s people have many reasons why they do not give for a specific cause. I would pray and believe in humanity that this would not be ONE of those causes.


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